Oldfield, Mike - Return To Ommadawn: Deluxe Edition CD + 5.1 / hi-res DVD-A

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Hmmmmm. "Return To Ommadawn". Is it particularly surprising? It's only surprising because it is a very good, solid return to the sound that made him famous in the first place and if you think Ommadawn is one of his great works and you don't mind someone revisiting something of a sound that was his creation in the first place, you'll enjoy it plenty!
"Oldfield has not lost his ear for innocent, intricate, cheerful melody. Anyone of the relevant vintage whose system was colonically irrigated by the advent of punk should probably steer clear. For anyone else, this is an uplifting retro-reboot."
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Your dreams have been answered....a new album in the classic sound of "those early albums"!! But is hell freezing over or something? I though he would never give Branson a new album in the "old mode".....since Amarok did tell him off in many different languages and only hinted at what you can now buy and enjoy here as a new "classic" Oldfield?! Enjoy it either way....it's a fine release,and I would have never thought we'd get this ....ever!
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