Ombak - Framing the Void

Great 1st release of jazz/not jazz from Richmond by a great quartet of players on trombone, guitar, bass and drums (drums by the very talented Brian Jones, who plays in a number of very good bands). Really good stuff.

"Trombonist and composer Bryan Hooten is pleased to announce the release of Ombak’s debut album, Framing the Void. Comprised of all original compositions by Hooten, Framing the Void draws from the sounds of jazz, math rock, salsa and the avant garde. The album was recorded live at Minimum Wage Recording and chronicles the music performed and explored during Ombak’s bi-weekly gig at Cous Cous in Richmond, VA. Formed in the fall of 2006, Ombak is an instrumental quartet that has performed regularly since May 2008. Hooten is joined by a dynamic trio of some of Richmond’s finest musicians: guitarist Trey Pollard, bassist Cameron Ralston and drummer Brian Jones."

"Ombak is instrumental music for the 21st century, the meeting point of Nirvana, Noise, Tommy Dorsey, dub and mathematics. There’s a lot of nice architecture here but there’s plenty of party going on."-trumpeter/composer Steven Bernstein

Ombak’s lean, focused music is the boiled-down essence of the Richmond improvisational scene…Flirting with infinity is not for the faint of heart (or ear), but the band leavens its often spare explorations with almost danceable vamps, brilliant quasi-psychedelic guitar solos, and bass and drum lines that reward repeated listening. (5 stars)"-Style Weekly

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