Ombra Della Sera - L'Ombra Della Sera CD (mini-lp sleeve)

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This is Fabrio Zuffanti and ALL of the musicians of La Mashchera Di Cera, using another name to present their take on Italian horror film soundtracks of the 70s ala Goblin, Morte Macabre, Anima Morte, etc.

"First take some top notch Italian prog musicians. Then take soundtracks of some scary Italian TV-plays of the seventies, composed by masters of its genre like Simonetti, Ortolani or Pisano. And then force those musicians to play cover versions of those tracks, in the same vein Morte Macabre did many years ago. Force them to use only original instruments as mellotron, minimoog, hammond, theremin, fender rhodes. Does this sound intriguing enough for you? Then let's name those musicians: Agostino Macor,Fabio Zuffanti, Mau Di Tollo, Alessandro Corvaglia, Andrea Monetti. Does this sound like all members of Maschera di Cera put together? It could be, but for this project they are not. They call themselves Ombra della Sera. Enjoy the masterpiece."
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