One Ring Zero - As Smart As We Are CD + book

O.R.Z. are the duo of Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp, who between them play everything heard on this CD; accordion, theremin, claviola, guitar, banjo, organ, piano, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion. Their sound is definitely comparable to Hamster Theatre - mostly short little pieces filled with billions of melodies, although unlike Hamster, there's a more emphasis on '50's lounge stylings'. In any event, a fun and perhaps even essential listen for fans of the "melodic tango school of RIO music" On this album, they have collaborated with 17 of North America's most significant contemporary writers. "Imagine the finest anthology of writing possible and then imagine that writing put to're imagining [this album]. Many of North America's bestselling and prizewinning authors have contributed original lyrics (and in some cases their musical skills) to this CD. Contributing authors: Jonathan Ames, Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster, Clay McLeod Chapman, Dave Eggers, Amy Fusselman, Neil Gaiman, Myla Goldberg, Ben Greenman, Daniel Handler, A.M. Holmes, Denis Johnson, Lawrence Krauser, Jonathan Lethem, Rick Moody, Aaron Naparstek and Darin Strauss."
  • LabelUrban Geek
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