Ontalva, Angel - Tierra Quemada

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Angel Ontalva is the leader of the very excellent October Equus and this is his second solo release.

Featuring a number of players from October Equus, plus other players, this is a really great, instrumental, ethinic-infused jazz/rock trip that is utterly different from October Equus, but every bit as good in a different way, and which is very well worth taking! Highly recommended!
ngel Ontalva guitar, bass
Amanda Pazos Cosse bass
Víctor Rodríguez keyboard, melodica
Pablo Hernández alto & soprano saxes
Luiz Rocha clarinets
Marc Egea hurdy gurdy, duduk
Pablo Ortega cello
Vasco Trilla drums, percussions
  • LabelOctober XArt
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