Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere - Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere 2 x CDs

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This project, overseen by Martin Archer combines a 5 piece rock band with a string quartet, a wind quintet and a number of voices for a BIG psychedelic sound. The short blurb that the band supplied really says it all:

"It is the job of the progressive artist to propose an alternative reality, and preferably one in which all notions of common sense have been completely eradicated. This collection is our proposal. OUA is an improvising rock group referencing the keyboard improvisations of Terry Riley, Krautrock style exploration, plus contemporary electronic and orchestral music via extensive use of strings and voices."

Martin Archer - organ, electric piano, laptop, saxophones, bass clarinet
Chris Bywater - organ, synthesizers, laptop, acoustic and electronic percussion, electric violin
Steve Dinsdale - drums, percussion, synthesizer
Walt Shaw - percussion, electronics
Terry Todd - bass guitar
La Garotte String Quartet: Paul Schatzberger, Yvonna Magda (violins), Barbara Chisholm (viola), Angela Rosenfeld (cello) also Sarah Henderson (violin)
The Divine Winds: Martin Archer, Mike Ward, Mick Beck, Geoff Bright, Herve Perez (saxophones)
Juxtavoices: Martin Archer, Julie Archer, Jon Ashe, Ian Baxter, Mick Beck, Geoff Bright, Chris Bywater, Julie Cole, Emma Cooper, Edward Eggleston, Alan Halsey, Lyn Hodnet, Richard Kedward, Christine Kennedy, Bo Meson, Geraldine Monk, Mike Reid, Marion Rout, Walt Shaw, Jan Todd, Jane Tormey, Caroline Veal, Peter Veal, Linda Lee Welch, Gillian Whiteley

You can hear an excellent 15 minute sampling of the album here

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