Oregon - Ectopia

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"In this recording Oregon begins to experiment more with electronics in a tasteful and often subtle way. That which makes Oregon unique is still there. The pieces breathe and are expansive. The disparate influences are present. Trilok Gurtu is a welcome addition to this group. Trilok is a very inventive and talented percussionist. This recording contains many highpoints. All the members shine. Ralph Towner's playing is stellar as usual. Paul McCandless is imaginative and plays with a rich tone and with fire. "Leather Cats" is an inventive atmospheric walking, other-worldly jazz pieces that swings. Very orignal soloing. Trilok really shows how original he can be on this piece. Then again he shines throughout this recording. Very very original. "Innocente" is more like the Oregon we've come to know and love. It has strong interplay, clever subtle use of synthesizers for coloring. Ralph's playing is especially strongn here as well as Paul McCandless'. Glen Moore takes a great solo that just resonates. "ReDial" is another piece which features Paul McCandless in one of those pieces that is a little meditative but also expansive. Ralph Towner solos melodically and with great style. "Twice Around The Sun" is energetic, very, dynamic and improvisational. Lots of starts and stops, imagintave playing throughout. The rest of this recording is on an equal level with the pieces I have mentioned. This recording is a definite must. It is a fine example of how an established group can surprise us and remain highly creative."

Trilok Gurtu-tabla, percussion
Paul McCandless-oboe, English horn, soprano saxophone, wind driven synthesizers
Glen Moore-bass
Ralph Towner-classical and 12- string guitars, piano, synthesizers, drum machine
  • LabelECM
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