Oregon - Live In New Orleans (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This Oregon album is a recording of a "live" performance at a club in New Orleans in February 1978 for an NPR station. It has a "bootleg" quality to it, with some very slight radio interference audible at times.
The performance catches the original band lineup fairly early in it's development, with lots of group improvisation, 3 Ralph Towner tunes (a very extended rendition of "Icarus," a free-form intro. to "Yellow Bell," and an extended rendition of "Raven's Wood."), and their favorite cover tune, "Witchi-Tai-To" by Jim Pepper.
The group is in top form with Ralph Towner on piano, 12-string, and classical guitars, Paul McCandless on oboe and wood flutes, Glen Moore on bass, and Collin Walcott on percussion, tabla, and sitar. Walcott utilizes a lot of coloristic variety in his percussion in between laying down grooves with his tabla and congas.
I'd recommend this for devoted fans of Oregon and its original band members. It might be too abstract, with all of the improvisation, for average listeners. I'm prejudiced towards this, have been a fan for years. The quality is a little shaky. But it's the original band live.”
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