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Oregon - Violin

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“Oregon emerged in 1970 as a splinter band from the Paul Winter Consort. Its members each had experience in jazz, classical, and a variety of non-western musical styles, and were also multi-instrumentalists.
Ralph Towner played standard acoustic and 12-string guitar, piano, a variety of electric keyboards, trumpet, and flügelhorn.
Paul McCandless' instrumental arsenal included oboe, English horn, soprano sax, bass clarinet, the musette, and tin flute.
Collin Walcott handled most of the percussion duties on tabla and various African and Latin rhythm instruments plus sitar, dulcimer, clarinet, and violin.
Glen Moore was the bassist, and also played clarinet, viola, piano, and flute.
They suffered some snide comments, like labeling them the "Modern Jazz Quartet of the '70s" or "a white, European imitation of the Art Ensemble of Chicago." In truth, they were an excellent ensemble playing a hybrid style that wasn't exactly jazz, and certainly wasn't rock, but liberally quoted and borrowed from free jazz, Asian, African, European, and pop music sources.
[Violin is] fine late '70s material from the acoustic band Oregon. Despite the title, it's not violin-dominated material (editor: but it DOES include Polish violinist Zbigniew Seifert), but their standard blend of Asian, European, African, and American elements and influences.”-All Music Guide
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