Oresund Space Collective - Ode To A Black Hole

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Øresund Space Collective is a terrific, prolific, Danish space-rock band who are not as appreciated as they should be and whom are awaiting greater discovery by fans of the genre. Highly recommended.

"This was a long experimental DOOM drone track recorded at the same studio session as the Different Creatures album. This was highly inspired by us listening to the band, BONG. It is something completely different from anything ØSC has ever released but I think it is pretty cool.. Enjoy the trip...

Jonathan- Electric Violin, Theremin, Guitar; Mats- Bass (2nd Half), Hasse- Bass (first half), Doun Douns, Alex- Drums, KG- Synthesizers, Jonas- Hammond and Synthesisers, Dr Space- Synthesizers, Mathias- Pedal Steel."
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