Organisation - Tone Float

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High quality pirate CD of the pre-Kraftwerk band of Ralf & Florian. Until this appeared, I don't think most people even knew this proto-Krautrock band existed, and while it is pretty different than Kraftwerk and more improvisationally oriented, it's still a really good album that will certainly never be legitimately reissued.

"Rare pre-Kraftwerk LP from 1970, originally released only in the UK! On Tone Float, the line up consisted of Ralf Hutter on organ, Florian Schneider on violin and flute, Basil Hammoudi on vocals, Fred Monicks on drums and Butch Hauf on bass.
The lp features repetitive percussion and bass drum patterns, embellished with guitar, flute, violin and organ. Sections of the music are clearly '60s influenced and have an almost eastern feeling with scratchy violin and bongos.
Tone Float was the last time that Ralf and Florian would rely on unrestrained expression and improvisation. With Organisation being a democratic five piece band, it was difficult to develop a disciplined approach."
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