Orientation Of We - Emergence

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Michael Irwin - trumpet
James Brandon Lewis - tenor saxophone
Max Johnson - bass
Joe Hertenstein - drums

“The music on this album was not preconceived or premeditated in any way whatsoever. The ensemble's method of collaboration has been to begin playing without any discussion of what is to be played or how the music should be approached. The group was formed after a number of informal, but fruitful sessions. It was unanimous among the group that the musical chemistry and dynamic we shared was fertile enough to merit further exploration.

‘We went into the recording studio after several years of enjoying our apartment jam sessions and spent the day as we did at one another’s houses; playing the music as it came to us, talking about life, and laughing often.
Reflecting how to describe or explain this music led us to contemplate the behaviour of large flocks of birds or schools of fish and how they can move in an agile, flowing unison without any discernible signals or guidance; as if the goal were to be as close together as possible without crashing into one another. Researchers call this kind of movement emergent behaviour. This was the inspiration for the album’s title, Emergence. The band took Orientation of We as our name from a drawing from Paul Klee’s concept of the Orientation of I in response to a work of art as described in the Paul Klee Notebooks.’”
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