Orme - Contrappunti CD

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"The opening title track, overall, is somewhere between Uomo di Pezza and classic Emerson Lake and Palmer (especially the organ playing). Whatever the reason, the encompassing sound is classic Le Orme with a little less caffeine and more diet friendly. That is not to say the album is not without major highlights. India" recalls the melancholic brilliance of Aldo Tagliapietra's haunting voice and the off-key synthesizers of Tony Pagliuca. The instrumental "Notturno" sounds like an outtake from the Felona e Sorona sessions with its creepy organ, piano and Moog work. The closer "Maggio" is a capsule of all that Le Orme accomplished over the last four albums. Sadly, it would be the last time the band created compositions of this complexity and imagination." Tom Hayes/Gnosis
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