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After their 3 more commercially oriented releases, Orme took a breather, & came back with a surprise; they reinvented themselves as a basically acoustic quartet (vocals, violins, cellos, acoustic guitar, piano, percussion/drums) and came back with this excellent album.
I know some synth-crazy prog-heads don't share my opinion, but I love the low-key demeanor of this album, & this is one of my favorite of their works.

"One of the features that make certain rock truly 'progressive' is the contamination with classical and symphonic music. Many others tried to experiment, with varying success, but without fully giving up their identity; Le Orme began to contaminate their music since "Collage" (1971), but never before a change had been more drastic than that of "Florian".
The album, released in 1979, which shows a picture of the band in front of the homonymous Café in San Marco in Venice on the inner gatefold cover, is completely free of any of the modern sounds of the previous band's LP to look towards past and tradition. We could call it 'unplugged', close to the folk and sometimes ethno/world music (listen to the song "Il mago", for example) genres, entirely recorded with acoustic instruments (vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, violin, mandola, bouzouki) and very distant from any late '70s trends."
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