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The copies we received have a seam split at the top of jacket, otherwsie they are new and perfect. Limited edition red & black vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve!

"Coinciding with the release of Contrappunti, Le Orme released their first live album titled In Concerto. The selections contained on this release are curious only by the omission of current material. 95 percent of all the chosen songs are from their raw jam days of Collage despite being performed almost three years later with three other albums under their belt. This includes the unreleased two-part 22 minute primarily instrumental Truck of Fire" replete with the requisite drum solo. Clearly the band, in a live setting, chose to be more like British luminaries Deep Purple minus the guitar. Also noteworthy is the lengthy inclusion of "Era Inverno", which I feel is the prototype for most of Le Orme's classic output. At this point in the bands career, it becomes apparent that they were more hard rockers at heart rather than the sophisticated progenitors of albums such as Uomo di Pezza and Felona e Sorona."-Tom Hayes/Gnosis
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