Orthrelm - Orthrelm

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"The ultimate Orthrelm collection, this CD collects 36 early tracks from 2001-2002 by the groundbreaking math/prog duo featuring avant-guitar shredder Mick Barr (Octis, Krallice, etc.) and gymnastic drummer Josh Blair. These stunning new mixes created from the original multitrack master tapes by reknowned metal producer Colin Marston lend a crystalline clarity to this challenging music which utterly blows away the previously released versions on the Hydrahead, Troubleman Unlimited, Forge, Three One G and Tolotta labels. This release is going to totally blow away diehard fans of this cult band as well as new listeners alike. Compact, frenzied displays of hypertechnical, non-repetitive extremity both visceral and cerebral beyond human comprehension. strictly limited to 500 copies.
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