Osanna - L'Uomo/Milano Calibro 9

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Two full Italian progressive classics from 1971 and 1972 on 1 CD.

"Osanna's debut album L'Uomo is a pretty sensational album. Basically, all the elements of their sound are already present on their debut. The basis of their sound here is original heavy guitar rock often in combination with amazing flute solos. Additionally, more spacey, Pink Floydian parts and quiet interludes with acoustic guitar and flute can be heard as well. Besides the great flute playing, good vocals (if sung in Italian), the excellent guitar playing, and a fairly active drummer are the most ear pleasing features. As a reference point, think of a mix of Jethro Tull, early Roxy Music, the heavier side of Cream, and ocassionally Focus. Otherwise imagine a more sophisticated version of Golden Earring (of the early 70's). L'Uomo is a remarkably mature album and easily one of the best Italian rock albums before 1972 (the year that the Italian prog scene exploded with creativity). Osanna would improve and perfect their style on Palepoli, their third album."-Sjef Oellers/Gnosis
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