Osanna - Palepoli

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"Palepoli begins with a pounding medieval drum, which turns out tobe the messenger of great things to come. Flute and distant children's voices appear shortly. Next the full band is faded in, playing at full power in a heavy, up tempo, folk rock part that is followed by a raucous guitar solo. The mood slows down and a longer spacey, pastoral part follows with beautiful mellotron playing (a bit like King Crimson). The tension builds again after several minutes with guitar and dual flute leads, which develop into a more symphonic rock melody. This constant variation of styles continues throughout the album - flute/guitar lead hard rock, dreamy mellotron parts, spacey symphonic progressive, occasionally rather chaotic free rock sections, etc. Just like the Semiramis album, they play with infectious energy and great intensity. Palepoli covers a wide range of styles, moods, and tempo variations, and Osanna handle these diverse modes of playing superbly. An ultimate classic!"-Sjef Oellers/Gnosis

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