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Otis Waygood - Ten Light Claps And A Scream

"Originally released in 1971 on EMI Parlophone, this is South Africa's once-famous Otis Waygood and their third record, Ten Light Claps And A Scream. Emerging during the height of political and social tension in the white suburbs of Johannesburg, Otis Waygood came from the north in the summer of '69, armed with long hair and scarabs, to slay the youth of the nation with an arsenal of murderous rock tunes. They became pretty much the hugest band South Africa had ever seen, and after two albums released on EMI S.A., this record was to blow them completely out of the water, becoming the best they'd ever produced and the most sought-after by collectors. The music is influenced by the British underground (Bloodwin Pig, Steamhammer, etc.) with great guitars and gruff vocals, blues-influenced, spacey underground rock, sax, organs and well-crafted compositions and arrangements, making this album a unique, proggy masterpiece. Produced by Julian Laxton of Freedom's Children under the direction of Clive Calder."
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