Ougenweide - Liederbuch

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Ougenweide are a now forgotten German folk-rock with medieval influences. As someone very perceptively put it on the avant-progressive list, "...some lovely extended cuts which almost crossed over into jazz land. Kind of like a cross between Gryphon (for the medieval sound) and Pentangle (for the jazz sound). They released 7 albums in the 70's, but none of them are available on CD. This compilation, while it focuses on the shorter tunes (not surprising) is the only way to sample their best work other than trying to find the original albums on Ebay. The tracks here are all taken from 1974-1978. Seeing the instrumnentation will give you an idea of what this is about: Minne Graw-singing, keyboards, flute, Olaf Casalich-singing, percussion, Frank Wulf-guitar, flute, mandolin, bouzouki, Stefan Wulff-bass, keyboards, singing, Jurgen Isenbart-drums, marimba, vibes and Wolfgang von Henko-guitars, singing.
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