Out of Focus - Wake Up

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Classic first album by this early German band, who released this one in 1970.

"Formed in Munich, late 1968, Out Of Focus was an excellent band, transceding musical boundaries. They made three albums for Kuckuck - all are absolutely brilliant, but a little underestimated, in my opinion. The first production is a very exciting mix of heavy rock, jazz and blues feeling with psychodelic organ and guitar, strong rhythm section and baroque flute parts similar to Jethro Tull. Lyrics are socio-politically engaged, humorous, philosophical and Moran Neumuller's vocal sounds very accesible. My favourite tracks on Wake Up are "Hey John" and "Dark, Darker" - exploring from quiet tones to powerful flute played with imaginativeness and bewitching lightness. It's a really nice debut!"-Dominik Kawa/Gepr.net
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