Ovale - Slalom

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Ovales is a five-piece band led by Pierre Michel, a saxist who was formerly in the very obscure although pretty great mid 70s to early 80s avant-progressive band Bise de Buse. This is a energetic instrumental music performed by Pierre on sopranino, soprano and baritone saxes with Jean-Louis Marchand-clarinet and bass clarinet, Jean Lucase-trombone, Vincent Posty-double bass and electric bass, Pascal Gully-drums. Most of the time, this is kinda heavy, kinda dirty and while it's is definitely jazz-based, it rocks pretty hard. 14 short tracks (2-6 minutes) that make their point and make room for the next track! I completely and utterly enjoyed this and you should give a listen to them too.

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  • LabelMusea
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