P’Cock - The IC Years 2 x CDs

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"German prog rock band discovered by Klaus Schulze and praised as "one of the best fusions between electronic and rock-oriented music".
The band was founded as "Peacock" in 1975 by Tommy Betzler and first toured the extended Rhine-Main area and built up a small but loyal fan base. Recording a demo tape and sending it to record companies proved to be unsuccessful. There were a lot of rejections, especially with the reason that the time of "progressive rock" is really over and "disco" is now the latest thing. In short - Peacock decided to split up. But they had done the math without Klaus Schulze...
In order to impress Klaus, it was decided to give a live concert in the well-known venue "Die Goldenen Krone" in Darmstadt / Germany ("The Golden Crown") so that the mastermind could get a musical impression. Long story short - at the following dinner a record deal was signed and a few days later Peacock were already at the Panne-Paulsen-Studio in Frankfurt to record their debut album "The Prophet" (1980), produced by Klaus Schulze himself. It turned out that there was already a band of the same name, so they came up with the elegant solution of calling themselves P'cock from now on. In 1981 followed the second P'cock record "In 'cognito", this time produced directly in Klaus Schulze's studio in Winsen /Germany.
P'cock proved to be one of the most innovative German rock bands beyond the tapped out Krautrock idiom on the threshold of the New Wave and the New German Wave, which was still to be taken seriously in the beginning."
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