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“The unreleased recording of PLVG (pronounced "plug") recorded in 1973. PLVG is formed of ex-members of the band Calcium, considered the cream of French studio musicians. In May 1971, soon after his triumphant Olympia 70, singer Julien Clerc surrounds himself with musicians Charles Benaroche and Denis Lable. They are joined in '72 by Stéphane Vilar (ex-Calcium) who had just composed the music of Circus Bonjour, Jean Claude Poligot, Richard Lable, and Philippe Gall. The band thus constituted, accompanies the singer contentiously. Tracks are registered with the title "Les Trottoirs" (the sidewalks). Stephen Stills, who was staying at Julien Clerc's house at the time (where he meets Véronique Sanson his first wife, future mother of his son Christopher) says "it's a hit" as soon as he listens to the song.
Clerc, a more formal musician, agrees to perform with the band during the first part of his shows. It was during the summer tour of 1973 that the band under the name of PLVG (acronym for Poligot, Lable, Vilar, Gall) made its debut in front of a dumbfounded audience. Whilst taking a break from touring the following month, the group records a dozen titles at the Ferber studio between November '73 and February '74, joined by Zouzou on a cover of a Calcium track: "This Morning".
The album never saw the light of day, because Clerc no longer performed on stage. France Gall, in the height of her career, lived with Julien Clerc and left him in 1974 for Michel Berger. Julien Clerc, annoyed, dismissed the musicians and replaced them with keyboardist Gerard Bikialo (ex-Magma), guitarist Georges Kawczynski (nicknamed "Crapou"), and bassist Christian Padovan.
Gall went on to compose the soundtrack of Fréquence Meurtre in 1988. Poligot went on to appear in other albums by Jean Claude Vannier, Hugues Aufray, and Jacno. Vilar goes on to compose many music for movies and plays. Denis Lable goes on to be part of cmany different bands including the famous project Utopic Sporadic Orchestra with Christian and Stella Vander of Magma, Didier Lockwood, and Jannick Top, and especially plays the guitar in 1972 on the legendary album of Jean Claude Vannier L'enfant assassin des mouches. Richard Lable goes on to make appearances on albums by Catherine Lara and Hugues Aufray amongst others before attempting a solo career.”
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