P.V.T.V. : Pierre Vervloesem/Teun Verbruggen - Wing-Chester

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"Wing–Chester is the chaotic meeting between the critical beats and mad rhythms of Teun (who improvised for two hours in a studio) and the avant-garde melodies and heavy guitars of Pierre ( who built up all the rest in a few days at home). It is the meeting of the ‘Gilles de Binche’, Max Roach, Zappa and Cowboy Bebop !
Band members :
Pierre Vervloesem: performing
Teun Verbruggen : drumming
Pierre Vervloesem: Born in 1964. 7 CDs with X-Legged Sally. 2 CDs with A Group. Participate on the music of 5 shows for Wim Vandekeybus. 6 solos CDs either alone or sometimes with musicians as various as Guy Segers (Univers Zero) or Charles Hayward (This Heat). Mixed and/or produced too many bands to be cited here.
Teun Verbruggen: Born in 1975. Since 1999 he started working as a sideman in lots of different bands and musical styles: Alexi Tuomarila 4tet and Trio, Jef Neve Trio, FES, Othin Spake, Futhark, an eclectic jazzband with Tobias Klein, Raphael Vanolie en Gulli Gudmundsson Nozzle Slag featuring Trevor Dunn (Fantomâs, Trio Convulsant, Electric Masada, Mr Bungle,...), Hilmar Jensson (Thyft, Alas No Axis,...) and Jozef Dumoulin."
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