Paboeuf, Christian - Les Chemins Aleatoires

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A new release by this excellent oboe/flute player who first came to attention in the great ensemble Noetra and has since led Il Monstro and his own ensembles.

“As a composer, oboist, flutist and vibraphonist, Christian Paboeuf has had a brilliant career in writing and performing music for the theater and motion pictures. In 2017, in a move to rekindle a more direct relationship with his audience, he created the Christian Paboeuf Quartet. The band’s unusual instrumentation is now showcased in their first release : « Les Chemins Aléatoires ».
Disturbing and singular, the album’s poetic and cinematic atmosphere stages fragile silhouettes and melancholy, tragi-comic stories. Inventively composed, delicate and virtuosic, the music playfully deceives the listener, wrong-footed by unexpected harmonic twists, sudden stops and turns and asymmetries, in strong yet subtle contrast to the melodic and rhythmic ostinatos.
A sensitive and modest craftsman, Christian Paboeuf, like a goldsmith, reveals his nature in a slow, one step at a time process. His unique body of work, a theatrical world of shadows and light, precious and impressionistic, is a subtle testimony to human beauty and complexity.”
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