Pacassoni, Marco - Frank & Ruth: A Vibes And Marimba Tribute To Frank Zappa

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“Marco is an Italian vibraphonist and percussionist. After having recorded three albums of his compositions, Marco Pacassoni pays tribute to Ruth Underwood, American percussionist indissolubly linked to the music Frank Zappa.
For this ambitious project, Marco has chosen two "faithful companions" and members of his quartet, Enzo Bocciero on piano and keyboards and Lorenzo De Angeli on bass. The cast is completed by Alberto Lombardi, on guitar who also signed the production, mix and mastering, Petra Magoni and her magic voice and Gregory Hutchinson that ranks among the most talented drummer of our time.
True genius of the music of the XX century, Zappa had a real love for percussion that probably found its origin in his admiration for Edgard Varèse. Ruth Underwood, was a fantastic percussionist, able to play very difficult pieces of music. She probably influenced many of the compositions that Frank deserved to the band at that time. When Ruth decided to leave the group, she also almost renounced to give any contribution to the musical world. Even if Frank Zappa's creativity will successfully have multiple metamorphoses, never again his arrangements will put marimba or vibraphone as much in the center of the scene.”
Blessed relief
For Ruth
Planet of the baritone women
Sleep, Pink and Black (the napkins suite)
The Black Page #2
Echidna's arf
The Idiot bastard son
Peaches en regalia
Stolen moments
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