Pacha / Porsti-Views From The Inner World CD

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Kimmo Pörsti - drums & percussion, keyboards
Rafael Pacha - electric & acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, lyre, mandolin, viola da gamba, electric violin
Ruben Alvarez - electric guitar
Marek Arnold - soprano saxophone
Marco Bernard - Shuker bass
Olli Jaakkola - flute, soprano saxophone
Jan-Olof Strandberg - bass
Ariane Valdivié - vocals
John Wilkinson – vocals

“This is a follow-up to Pörsti’s last solo album "Past and Present". Only this time it is by Rafael Pacha & Kimmo Pörsti. Rafael already had a big role in the last two solo albums. "Views" is perhaps more towards symphonic progressive rock than The Guildmaster.”
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