Paik - Satin Black

Paik are wicked conjurers of a seriously delirious thunder, unleashing a maelstrom of sound that is as lilting as it is crushing. A power trio of guitar/bass/drums, the band first streaked across the Michigan space-gaze scene in 1997, seeking to chart out new aural frontiers within a rock format. With the industrial playground of Detroit serving as their gritty muse, Paik seem to have discovered their ownparticular portal in sound, a massive sonic whirlpool capable of absorbing everything in its sphere. Live, Paik employ an elaborate lightshow, a stunning spectacle that can re-wire the doors of perception via a marriage of psychotropic visuals and saturating, bulldozingdrone-scapes. Setting Paik truly apart from the pack is their uncanny ability to combine grace with grit, a balancing act that matchesmelodic, multi-hued sonorities with powerful furnace blasts of volume. Three albums are under their belt (Hugo Strange, Corridors andThe Orson Fader), as well as an appearance on a 3-way split CD entitled Crickets and Firefiles with kindred spirits Kinski and Surface ofEceyon. Satin Black is the bands latest foray into sound; an expansive, densely woven album laden with dreamscapes heavier than anythe band has unfurled before. Evoking the roaring resonance of Kevin Shields levitating guitar innovations and the minimalist weight of a band like Earth, Paik are a heady force on the avant rock map. Satin Black is truly a beautiful noise.
  • LabelStrange Attractors
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