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"A guitar, bass, drums trio with music that should work well for fans of James Blood Ulmer, Shannon Jackson, Morricone and others."

Miso: The first tune on the album also happens to be the first tune I wrote with this band in mind. In the last few years prior to writing it, I had mostly composed music with a strong emphasis on chords and harmony - Wayne Shorter's mid-60's records being a key source of inspiration. A growing desire to write tunes with freer structures and more emphasis on riffs and lines, coupled with a fondness for John Coltrane, Atomic and Ornette Coleman, as well as Arnold Schönberg, resulted in this tune. The melody is by no means based on the latter's concept of twelve-tone serialism, but rather inspired by the rich chromaticism of his earlier works.
Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be: This tune - essentially a six minute crescendo - features Sander's soloing over a series of modulating odd metre riffs. There's definitely a retro vibe going on, which the ironic title - not of my invention - references. Sun Ra and Gong's early 70's albums provided the initial spark of inspiration that resulted in this tune.
Mexican Standoff: Mexican Standoff has a definitive Ennio Morricone flavour to it, stemming from my long standing affection for his iconic film scores. Growing up, I'd watch Sergio Leone's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly tirelessly, Morricone's music being a major part of the appeal. The fact that the last ten minutes of the film were missing from my VHS did little to lessen my appetite - the visuals, the atmospheres and the music made me come back again and again anyway."- Håkon Norby Bjørgo
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