Panzerpappa - Summarisk Suite

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“Panzerpappa is the definitive Norwegian instrumental Avant/Progressive Rock/RIO group. Their inventive and playful sound("Progressive Rock with a friendly face") is at once reminiscent of inspirational precursors such as Samla Mammas Manna, King Crimson, Henry Cow, Univers Zero and Frank Zappa, while at the same time sounding unmistakably like ... Panzerpappa!
The band were in the process of composing material for a new album, and to shorten the gap between the “Pestrottedans” and the new one, they wanted to release an EP. But instead of finishing the material they were writing and rehearsing, Panzerpappa decided to do something completely different and start from scratch and record all-new material.
Therefore, the material for this, the group’s seventh album, has very different origins. Parts are old sketches that have been collecting dust in a drawer for decades, others are brand new. There is even one piece that is totally improvised (Belgerisk impro), something Panzerpappa haven't done for any of their previous albums.”
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