Papasov, Ivo - Dance of the Falcon

In the very late 80's, Joe Boyd (early producer of Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, UFO Club, John Martyn, Nick Drake, blah blah) 'discovered' and released two albums by Ivo Papasov and his Bulgarian Wedding Band. The moment I heard them I was transfixed and hooked! Clarinet, sax, accordion, guitar, bass and drums, playing this insane multi-meter Eastern European music at Mahavishnu Orchestra speed! The original band broke up, although they have toured the US twice in the 00's as "Masters of Bulgarian Wedding Music', but this is Ivo and his current ensemble, which features most of the musicians from that original, amazing band. This is a bit subtle; they can and do whip it out, but give it a chance to breathe a little before they burn. In any event, this is a must own if thrash polka is your bag. And Joe Boyd contributed liner notes, bringing it all back together.
  • LabelWorld Village
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