Parameter - Galactic Ramble CD

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“Stellar Progressive Psychedelic Folk Rock with a huge Syd Barrett influence and lashings of distorted fuzz guitar vying with down the rabbit hole Barrettesque psychedelic ballads, a genuine left field underground masterpiece, and incredibly rare.
It's unknown how many were really made in 1971 on the custom Deroy label - it had a finished sleeve but the labels were generic Deroy printings with blank spaces for the artists to handwrite their names and titles, and only one copy seems to be known, so Parameter could have been a 25 copy press like the inferior Moths LP. Galactic Ramble is a ramble through the experimental minds and philosophies of early seventies underground youth, questioning reality and senses,laden with pre Raphaelite poesie, and born in the morass of early Floyd, ISB, Cream and Donovan, tracks range from the Christina Rossetti meets Syd Barrett 'Virgin Childe' (note the essential Arnoldian "e") to the climactic Fuzz-Soaked wailing guitar distortions of the title track. Things go wonky at times, but the sheer visionary power of this masterpiece makes it a Sacred Classic of the British Underground. And one of the most elegantly perfect sleeve designs of the era. From its inception Parameter was destined to reach only the select few. Recommended especially to anyone aching for more music like The Madcap Laughs.”
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