Paranoise - Start a New Race (special)

"Whoah!!! This album is not for the faint of heart. The "Jazz rock/fusion" label just doesn't do it justice. Imagine super-fast super-complex electronic drums, dissonant honking guitar lines, dense horn arrangements, and a vocalist who sounds like an angry Puerto Rican version of Steve Tyler on methamphetamines. The end result sounds quite a bit like Bill Nelson's "Red Noise" project, except a whole lot scarier. Start a New Race" features a hilariously dragged-out cover of The Soul Survivors' motown hit "Expressway to your Heart". There is also some very cool Percy Jones bass riffage too. This is not a concept album, but the lyrics seem to have an overarching theme of the downtrodden outsider versus mainstream society. However it avoids the overt left-wing posturing that later incarnations of Paranoise would embrace."
  • LabelOzone
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