Parker, Charlie - A Proper Introduction (super special)

Released on Proper, a great UK label who do an amazing job in terms of packaging, presentation and especially in terms of sonics. This is important, basic repertoire material and should be in every jazz-lover's collection. A great place to hear some of his best stuff and at a amazing price.

Charlie Parker is one of the most important musicians of the 20th century. The innovations he made 60 years and longer ago, still strongly influence much of jazz today and some of it still sounds surprisingly modern, imo. Play "KoKo" on this set and tell me it sounds 65 years old. This doesn't have all of his great work, but all of his most important works are on here. This is the best $4.00 you will ever spend.

"Charlie Parker was a true visionary, and is namechecked by most people as the person who invented modern jazz. Taking his initial inspiration from Lester Young, he and the musicians around him in the 1940s fashioned a new language of jazz by extending their use of harmony to create the music known as BeBop. The key recordings that were laid down for the Savoy and Dial labels that trace this evolution are included on this CD, which also includes the biographical and discographical details which tell the full story of this great musician."

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