Parker, William - Double Sunrise

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"The third and final installment of AUM Fidelity's collaborative releases with Arts For Art, Inc. presenting specially commissioned works which made their debut at Vision Festival XII in June 2007. And it is William Parker's this time me a tell you IAIAH. An orchestral work featuring immensely gifted individual and collective voices from around the world, meshing as one to manifest a pair of deep bass groove-driven mantras. Featuring both Hamid Drake and Gerald Cleaver on drums (each tremendous masters of rhythm and sound), a full string section, full keyed-in young Shayna Dulberger on bass, and renowned Indian classical vocal master Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay (flown in from India for this auspicious occasion) singing William Parker's lyrics on one piece, and then the mantra 'Surya Pranam' and a Persian tarana on the other. This is serious (other) world teleportation music that achieves psychedelic proportions of sonic interplay. The world premiere of Double Sunrise Over Neptune took place on June 19, 2007, the opening night of Vision Festival XII. As there were technical difficulties in the live mix that affected the recording, the musicians reconvened the following afternoon to perform and record the piece a second time. The entirety of that afternoon performance is presented here, followed by the second half (equally wicked and technical-difficulties-free) of the premiere performance."
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