Parker, William / Ellen Christi - Cereal Music CD

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William Parker: texts, recitation, +bass, flutes
Ellen Christi: sound design, production, +vocals

“William Parker’s music –in its vast scope & range of form– has been an elemental nutrient of countless listeners lives for nigh on five decades. William’s words –whether published on page or spoken from the stage– are part of that music. They speak on the beauty of life itself, amplifying the light of life ever-present, even in exceptionally difficult circumstance.
Ellen Christi’s singing brings that same affirmation in the beauty of life. She & Parker’s previous work together, The Majesty of Jah, is a tremendous feature for her voice. That album also includes the track, “Baldwin”, w/ James Baldwin’s ever-powerful words and voice resonating even more profoundly within the sonic architecture created around them by Christi. [Ellen also created the track "Freedom" same way, and mixed the whole album.] When she got in touch to tell me she had begun work on a similar album-length project, centered on William’s spoken texts, I immediately asked that she please send the pieces as she finished them. And on hearing, I was deeply moved again, and again.. Blessings on the creators. May light love and wisdom always be strong.”
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