Parker, William - Petit Oiseau

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William Parker-bass, Hamid Drake-drums, Rob Brown-alto sax, Lewis Barnes-trumpet.

"William Parker's Quartet is the premier outlet for his (and their) immense and timeless talents. The group's first two albums are universally recognized as still-revealing exemplars of modern music. Here now is the third album -- Petit Oiseau aka 'Little Bird' -- a wholly new set of melodically, harmonically and rhythmically advanced compositions rendered by one of the greatest jazz bands the world has yet had the good fortune to bear witness to. Insinuating melodies and counter-melodies, layers upon layers of sound unfolding through dancing in your head and with your muscles 'n' bones. The band uses the launching pad of Parker's indelible tunes to explore the far reaches of collective improvisation and then returns home to move it back to you here on planet Earth. The music is delivered within a beautiful 6-panel digipak featuring extensive liner notes by William Parker and cover art by renowned modern master painter David Kroll. So eternally much here to enjoy, wrap yourself in sound and get alive with. Named after Little Bird (or Petit Oiseau in French), a character from one of bassist/composer William Parker's tone poems, this recording features eight original compositions, including works dedicated to musicians Malachi Favors, Alan Shorter and Arthur Williams. Other pieces take their inspiration from such diverse sources as the inherent rhythm of life and the nomadic people of Northern Europe."
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