Parmenter, Ryan - The Noble Knave CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

Ryan is the leader behind Eyestrings, who have put on a pair of the best purely progressive rock shows I have seen in the last few years. This solo album is a more 'pop with progressive touches' work.

"Ryan Parmenter happily releases The Noble Knave, his first proper solo album in 11 years. Composed of songs written between 1996 and 2006, the album is a collection of Ryan's favorites that fall outside of the realm of Eyestrings, his band since 2001.
The songs are often zany, poppy, and lively, which, to listeners familiar with Eyestrings' often brooding tones, may be a surprise. The album is intended to be instantly fun, undeniably melodic, and a rewarding treat upon repeated listening.
Much like in Helvetica, Ryan's first release at age 17, the instrumentation of The Noble Knave is made up of layers of keyboard-triggered sounds, to achieve a the effect of a pseudo-band. This system of production allows for variable arrangements from one song to the next without the prohibitive expense of hiring a jazz band one day and an orchestra the next. In effect, Ryan achieves virtually what only musicians with big budgets could achieve practically. The end result is a wild one-man-band with a fun array of songs."
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