Pascoal, Hermeto - No Mundo Dos Sons 2 x CDs

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Hermeto is a brilliant Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and composer and probably the most famous 'arty / avant' player to emerge from Brazil.
He has a long history of releases, stretching back over 50 years, but this is his first in many years and it's also a really great one.
Hermeto Pascoal appears here on a multitude of instruments, including flutes, keybaoards, not to mention a pot and bucket of water, sounds of geese and chickens, and also appearing are:
Itiberê Zwarg electric bass
Fabio Pascoal percussion
André Marques piano
Ajurinã Zwarg drums
Jota P. tenor, alto & soprano sax, piccolo and flute

This is a great one. Fans will be thrilled to have him back with him showing off his full powers.

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Among his very best. Good mix of jazz with some Brazilian carnival and festival music.
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