Paskinel - Maraude Automnale CD

Patrick “Paskinel” DUFOUR : synthétiseur et clavier, programmation batterie et composition
Frédéric “Tourneriff” CHAPUT : guitare électrique, guitare basse, mixage
Jacques BON : basson (5 et 7)
Fabrice CHOUETTE : orgue (1)
DAG-Z : flûte traversière (2)
Franck DEHAUT : guitare électrique, lapsteel (1)
Mickael FELLMANN : saxophone (1)
Jun Gui KWON : violon (7)

Very good progressive rock that’s a side project / recording project by Patrick Dufour of Alco Frisbass, that also includes Frédéric Chaput, also of Alco.
This is instrumental jazz/rock perhaps most comparable to Caravan at their most extended / jazz rock/ jammy (think instrumental passages from “Nine Feet Underground”, etc mixed with their ‘home-team’, Alco Frisbass.
Definitely and absolutely very much a winner.
  • LabelVallis Lupi
  • UPC3760347748030
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