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Pastorius Big Band - Word of Mouth Revisited (special)

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"Jaco Pastorius was recognized more for his innovative Bass playing than his compositional skills. When you mention his name, most people talk about his masterful technique on fretless bass and his flamboyant stage presence. "Word of Mouth Revisited" sheds new light on his exceptional writing skills. Using musicians from the original "Word of Mouth" Big Band, Peter Graves shines the light on Jaco's compositional magic that provided the foundation for him to innovate on the Bass. Using a pool of Bass players that includes Jimmy Haslip, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Richard Bona, Victor Bailey, Jeff Carswell and David Pastorious - the Bass magic is not lost in the mix. This music succeeds on multiple levels. Graves was even bold enough to arrange some of Jaco's Weather Report tracks to explore their unique color and texture. The Big Band arrangemet of "Havona", "Barbary Coast" and "Elegant People" are my favorites. Some Jaco purist will criticize these efforts, but like Mingus' Big Band - sometimes the beauty of your work shines even brighter when someone else crawls inside your tunes and mines the gold that you left behind. As a result of this recording, my respect for Jaco's writing abilities are now equal to my appreciation for his innovative Bass playing. For this music fan, Jaco was a gift with multiple talents. I think he would have enjoyed this recording of his work. Thanks Peter for making his compositions shine so brightly."-A. Davis
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