Patton, Mike - Peeping Tom (special)

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This nicely packaged CD by band/project leader Mike Patton, is his 'pop' project (although pop music must have changed a lot since I was a kid for a cover/record like this to be considered 'pop'). It's inspired by a cult thriller movie of the same name from 1960. It's pretty funny hearing him direct Norah Jones in a foul-mouthed cameo!

"This album is supposed to be Patton's version of pop & what he feels should be on the radio. Well compared to the stuff you hear on the radio, this material wouldn't even come close. I would be surprised to hear any of these tracks on the radio any where in the states except for maybe some college radio stations. It's more accessible than the most of his recent projects, but doesn't even come close to FnM's accessibility. FnM is a whole different animal. Mr. Bungle's first album actually is more accessible to me than Peeping Tom as a whole. So let's not kid, even better, lets stop insulting this music by calling it "pop." The Peeping Tom album is a great album that only shows few signs of accessibility from time to time & THAT'S A GOOD THING! The music on this entire album is very original. There's nothing out there that sounds like it & I'm so glad there's still a few artists out there like Patton."-Jason Salamone

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