Paupers - Ellis Island (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“By early 1968, The Paupers were heading towards meltdown. Against all odds, the group rallied and recorded its second album, ‘Ellis Island,’ arguably one of the best records to emerge from the Canadian rock scene during the ‘60s. In many ways, it was a more mature offering than their debut. One small problem: if the Verve label had difficulty understanding the Mothers of Invention and the Velvet Underground, where the Paupers fit into their plans was anybody's guess, as the band touched on a variety of psychedelic styles.
The opening track (‘South Down Road’) plays like Procol Harum battling the Electric Prunes for eight and a half minutes of acid blues; ‘Cairo Hotel’ sounds like the Paupers takeing on Kaleidoscope U.K. in a battle of the bands; ‘Numbers,’ with its Strawberry Alarm Clock guitars (and with Janis Joplin bassist-to-be Brad Campbell singing lead), is a sort of ‘Eight Miles High’ meets Simon & Garfunkel's ‘Fakin' It’ psychedelic track.
Side two included (arguably) the band’s best work; it’s relevant to note that on several tracks the Japanese instrument the koto was employed. Interesting also to note the resumés involved in this esoteric project. Skip Prokop (who would perform on Live Adventures of Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield and create the band Lighthouse) does a Keith Moon-style vocal over a dreamy track, Small Faces phase shifting meets Procol Harum. Al Kooper guests on keyboards. This, the first official CD release has three bonus tracks, and a good biography of the band's trials and tribulations.”
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