Pazop - Psychillis Of A Lunatic Genius (mini-lp sleeve)

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Nice release of rare and unavailable tracks from this Belgian 'supergroup' (players came from/went to Arkham, Aksak Maboul, etc.)

"This is the type of Musea release I prefer, an album (actually a compilation of two singles and an unreleased album, plus extras) from a very unknown group that deserves attention for creating a very unique and exciting progressive music...the music is a continually inventive Canterbury/jazz styled album that is very close to groups like Moving Gelatine Plates or Supersister, sharing both groups penchants for creating strange and humourous music with more than a hint of invention. The music is very crazy, shuttling between jazz and rock with furious instrumentals with lots of flute and violin. My only complaint is the way some of the tracks fade out so fast in the end, dropping into nothingness when you least expect it. Anyway, good music and a good deal for a CD, this comes highly recommended - it's very good stuff!"-Expose/Mike McLatchey.

This is another Musea release with a full booklet of photos, information and much more.
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