Pembroke, Jim - If The Rain Comes

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"With If The Rain Comes, singer-songwriter Jim Pembroke returns, more than three decades after his previous solo album, with an inspired set of 11 new originals that simultaneously reflect his roots in Wigwam, a band he co-founded 45 years ago in Finland, and the present.
The British-born Pembroke, who now lives in Kansas City where this album was recorded, is accompanied by some of his old bandmates in Wigwam beginning in the 1970s, organist Pedro Hietanen, and in Jimbo in the 1980s, guitarist Jukka Orma, as well as two of Finland's greatest, bassist Ulf Krokfors and drummer Mika Kallio, and a number of guests, such as saxophonist Manuel Dunkel and organist Jukka Gustavson.
If The Rain Comes is dedicated to trumpeter, composer and producer Henrik Otto Donner, who collaborated with Pembroke on his earliest recordings with Blues Section and Wigwam in the late 1960s as well as on a number of his solo projects that followed. As Donner passed away while this recording was being prepared for release, it became the last production of Donner's long career, which included a number of important recordings originally published by Love Records, the legendary label that he co-founded. Donner was also responsible for the string and horn arrangements for this new album."

"It's been a long time...but this album has everything a Jim Pembroke fan could desire. The title track, "If the Rain Comes," has the melancholy of, say, "Lost Without a Trace." The tracks, "Gone With the Song" and "The Birds of Summer" have "The Band" influence which was always part of Wigwam. Hot Thumbs O' Riley shows up briefly in "DNA Club." The album is filled with oddball lyrics--"Columbus in India/Love Is Easier"; John Lennon-like sincerity--"A Former Army" ; several great guitar solos that bring the music into the late period Wigwam sound. There are also a few clever string arrangements, some sax--and Jukka Gustavson (!!!) on Hammond organ.
This work is in the same league as Corporal Cauliflowers Mental Function--perhaps a bit older, perhaps a bit wiser--so, yes, this is yet another Jim Pembroke masterwork that ends with a song called "Midnight in Abbey Road" and we are left with a sad and beautiful memory of a time when music made the world a bit more "sane again."-Bill Golembeski
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