People - Ceremony ~ Buddha Meet Rock CD

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This is a great - and I mean great - Japanese psychedelic/progressive classic from 1971. They only made this one album and until its first CD issue about a decade ago, I had never heard of it, but it is absolutely one of my very favorites of that time and scene. Only intermittently available, it's available now and should be snapped up! Highly recommended!

"I dunno about anyone else, but it's my belief that this is the Japanese equivalent of A Meditation Mass - and every bit as great. Beautiful atmosphere and mood set by this record. Creative, original and dynamic. Get it."

“Ceremony : Buddha Meet Rock recording is a real mind twister. Repetitive repetitive moody atmospheric drool inducing music with some outstanding fuzz guitar work by Mizutani Kimio and some malevolent chanting. Not an album for a party but great for private introspection.
Only in the early 70's can you find this kind of experimentation. Cool! Another "one and done" from the best year for music ever ... 1971.”-RYM
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