Perfect Beings - Vier CD

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"Perfect Beings is an American progressive rock band formed in Los Angeles in 2012. They are known for their modern take on the sound of the classic progressive rock supergroup. Singer Ryan Hurtgen combines his incredible songcrafting skill with the talents of producer/guitarist Johannes Luley and keyboardist Jesse Nason. True to the progressive form, their albums are storied musical journeys through odd time signatures, avant-garde poetry, and symphonic mysticism. From 2012 through 2015, the group released two albums to great critical acclaim. Following the departure of their original drummer and bassist in early 2016, the three remaining members decided to move forward, rather than calling it quits. A plan was hatched to craft something entirely different: a double vinyl album, with each of the four sides capturing one continuous long-form composition. Spending over a year on the recording, the result is the new Perfect Beings opus, Vier, an immersive sound experience. Compared to the first two releases, the record features an increased use of brass and woodwind instruments, adding contemporary classical and jazz-rock overtones to the Perfect Beings sound. This underscores the urge of the group to evolve and to expand their sonic palette."
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