Pernot, Louis - Livre de Luth de Perrine

This is the first recording of the seventeenth-century masterpiece, TheBook of Perrine. It comprises some of the most beautiful piecesexclusively written for baroque lute by Ennemond Gaultier, professor to the Queen of France, and his equally notable cousin, Denis. Much of the score was lost until quite recently, and the French, master lutenist, Louis Peron has worked tirelessly for the past decade to perfect its performance. The historical importance of this disc to the world of classical music cannot be overstated. Unlike most other lute pieces, this one was transcribed by Perrine, a contemporary of the authors, from tablature to a more precise, modern technique. This has made The Book a fabulous, interpretive tool for other pieces; a sort of Rosetta Stone for the lute world, as the score gives indications about left and right hand positions, ornamentation, arpegements and articulation. The harmonies are unique, surprising, and at times downright bizarre qualities that hint at the books overall genius.... Maestro Pernot, a Protestant Minister who holds PHDs in both philosophy and engineering, was the star pupil of master lutenist, Antoine Geoffrey-Dechaume. Prior to this recording, EMI Records chose him to be the lute master for their box set, A Treasury of Bach, and he was the featured artist on Universals recording of Gaultiers Devine Rhetoric, another historic, first recording. [Ad Hoc]~"~"~"~"~"~"~14~0~0~"~"~-
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