Pescado Rabioso - Pescado 2

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Guitarist/vocalist Luis Alberto Spinetta was the leader of Almendra, one of the bands considered as the originators of the Argentinian rock movement. After they broke up, Luis formed Pescado Rabioso. This is a reissue of the original double album, which all fits on one CD.

"In late 1972/early 73, Pescado Rabioso went to studio to cut their masterpiece: Pescado 2, a 2-LP set considered one of the top 5 best South American rock albums ever recorded, and certainly the highest point of Spinetta's creativity genius. Pescado 2 was conceived as two separate LPs: one called Pescado, and the other called 2. The two covers were joined upside down and the original version included a 48-page booklet with the lyrics, technical data, photos, texts and drawings, as well as a poem by Arthur Rimbaud and a quote from his "Illuminations". This is not coincidence, since it explains the origin of Spinetta's surrealistic lyrics of that time. The 18 tracks are numbered, and the numbers are part of the song titles as well. Side A opens with "Panadero ensoado" a guttural duo between Luis and David, and is followed by the great saga "Iniciado del Alba"/"Posedo del Alba" lead by the Hammond organ with Leslie. "Como el viento voy a ver" is a wonderful easy blues number. The effects of "Viajero naciendo" and the first Lebn composition to be recorded "Maana o pasado" close the side. Side B features a rock & roll number "Nena boba", "Madre Selva", another superb moment of the album with climatic guitar and organ, and the enigmatic "Peterib" (unique Argentine tree). Side C begins with 16 seconds of "Peterib" to give continuity to the whole concept. "Seorita" is a group-improvised composition. "Credulidad" is an acoustic song with Spintetta reminding his early years. "Hola, pequeo ser!" is an anti-drug hard rock with excellent guitar and organ duels. "Mi espritu se fue" is a nice ballad written by Bocn. Side D opens with "Sombra de la noche negra", a hard rock composed by Black Amaya with furious guitars and organs. The calm returns with "La cereza del zar", a folk-psycho ballad, and "Corto" (originally called "Despus de la bomba") about the nuclear holocaust. The album closes with an absolute Spinetta masterpiece: "Cristlida", a 9-minute opus with rhythm changes and orchestral arrangements. In short, an absolute must have album!!!"-The Magic Land
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